If the virtual room is open on your computer, close it. You cannot change settings of the Scopia Desktop Client if the virtual room is in use.

1. Ensure that the web camera is connected and fully installed on your computer.
2. Ensure that the headphones or speakers are connected to your computer.
3. Ensure that the microphone is connected to your computer.

  • We recommend that you use headphones with a connected microphone for optimal videoconferencing experience. We strongly recommend not to use the microphone of the webcam to guarantee high quality sound.

4. Access the Scopia Desktop web portal (e.g. http://join.ucanytime.com/scopia/mt/demo)
5. Ensure the Join Meeting tab is displayed.
6. Select Check Your Audio.

(The Audio tab opens.)

7. Select Start audio test.
8. Speak into the microphone and ensure that you can hear yourself and that the volume scales move when you speak.
If you cannot hear yourself or if the quality of sound is not satisfactory, choose Default Communication Device from the Device lists in the Record and Playback sections of the Audio tab.
  • Important: Most webcams include a built-in microphone. However, if the microphone is located too far away from your face, it is more likely to pick up background noise.

9. Select OK.

10. Select the Video tab in the Settings window.
11. Select Preview and ensure that you can see yourself and that the quality of the video is satisfactory. If you cannot see yourself, select an alternative camera from the Device list and repeat this step to check the video quality. To change the quality of the picture, use the software accompanying the camera.
12. Select OK.