If you are not able to connect to the video solution using your room system, this usually means that your Enterprise firewall(s) may not allow outbound video calling for H.323 devices.

Please allow the following traffic to the UCAnytime video cloud:

  • UDP Port 1719 for Gatekeeper Registration
  • TCP & UDP Ports 2776 to 2777 for H.460 Firewall/NAT Traversal (bi-directional)
  • TCP Port 1720 for Direct Public Access (DPA)
  • TCP & UDP Port 3089 (Only if using PathFinder client)
  • TCP & UDP Ports 4000 to 5000 - for signaling and media for Direct Public Access (DPA)
  • UDP Port 3478 for STUN if using PF Client

These are the port settings we recommend to Open Outbound towards the UCAnytime Entire IP Range -

If the above ports are open you should be able to join a meeting by dialing to our Pathfinder at or MeetingID@