In order to play a recording made on on Media Player or other player, the recording needs to be converted to another format.

The tutorial below explains how to convert a recording made in the Scopia platform from Apple QuickTime .mov format to the MPEG-4 format which will play in many players including Windows MediaPlayer. 



1. Make sure that you have Apple QuickTime Pro. You can upgrade your free QuickTime player or download it in one version by going to and buying it for $29.99

2. Download the file that you want to convert to your computer.

3. Open the file in Apple Quicktime i.e. by right clicking on it and choosing – open with QuickTime

4. Choose File / Export in the top left corner of QuickTime and the following should appear – change the settings to match below – then click on “Options”

Once you click on Options you will be presented with the window below. While many options are available we recommend using the ones below which will preserve the ultimate in high quality – 1280 x 720p = 720p resolution – H.264 video format, 30 frames per second. 

Click OK

Please note that this export process can take from several minutes to several hours depending on the length of the recording.


Once the file is converted you can open it in many players – including Windows Media Player which will play it by default.