If you experience difficulties installing or upgrading SCOPIA Desktop Client on Mac, please follow the following steps before contacting support:

  • Please provide the details of the Mac (what device & OS version etc.) 
  • Please uninstall the previous SCOPIA Desktop client (move SCOPIA icon in Applications to Trash - or search for SCOPIA in Finder and drag that SCOPIA Icon to Trash)
  • Under “System preferences” – “Security & Privacy” – “General” – is it set to “Allow apps downloaded from” to “Anywhere” (if not, please do). 
  • Please follow below steps to enable the installer logs for the Mac OS X client. 

Capturing Scopia Desktop Mac Client Installer Log


  1. Click on SCOPIADesktopComponents.pkg to launch the client installer. (Image 1)

  2. While the initial installer window is open press Command + L (to open the Installer Log window. Select the option to Show All Logs in the top-right. Leave the Installer Log window open while you run through the installer application. (Image 2)

  3. Return to the Installer window and click Continue. (Image 3)

  4. Click Agree. (Image 4)

  5. Click Install for me only then click Continue. (Image 5)

  6. Click Install. (Image 6)

  7. Return to the Installer Log Window. Click the Save button on the Installer Log window. When the Save As dialog opens choose the desktop, leave the default Save As name, then click the Save button. (Image 7)

  8. Close the Installer Log window.
  9. If the installation was successful then you should see the following screen. If it was not successful then you may see another screen. (Image 9)

  10. If you have followed all the steps and you still experience installation issues please provide the mentioned logs and contact support at support@ucanytime.com