In order to connect using LifeSize room system the system needs to be registered to Gatekeeper with H.460 enabled on the endpoint:

  • Login to LifeSize Endpoint
  • Navigate to Administrator Preferences/Communications/H.323
  • Enter the following information:
    * H.323 Extension: Enter a unique number - we highly suggest using the phone number in the room starting with "1". For example. if the phone number in the room is 203-133-5456 please enter "12031335456"
    * Gatekeeper ID: Leave empty
    * Gatekeeper Mode: Manual
    * H.323 Tunneling: Disabled
    * H.460: Enabled
    * Gatekeeper IP: (Follow the instructions received by support. Usually or
    * Gatekeeper Authentication: Disabled
  • It can take some time until the LifeSize endpoint registers.

  • Please send us the endpoint model, room description and the H.323 Extension configured on the LifeSize room system. 

    Email the information to