A few things can be causing minor issues when installing a SCOPIA Desktop client on a PC.  These issues can represent itself by not downloading the Installation Manager or the Client Installer at all, never finish installing or installing but never able to join properly - for example only an empty, gray client window shows up followed by an error message.


Try checking for these things:


- Disable the use of any proxy servers


- Add the used SCOPIA Desktop URL (such as http://join.ucanytime.com) to the trusted sites list in Microsoft Internet Explorer under:

  Internet Options - Security - Trusted Sites - Sites


- Use Internet Explorer or Chrome browsers as some older Firefox versions were blocking the plugin unless whitelisted (see this FAQ article) - Update: issue should be resolved with latest Firefox versions.


- Try uninstalling the client first (if listed under programs) and download the Scopia Desktop Client Installer from here:


   If not successful, try running it with admin privileges (right click the ClientInst.exe file and select "run as admin").


- When using a personal firewall, but more particular Symantec EP protection, try adding exceptions for these files:

   %userhome%\AppData\Local\Radvision\Conference Client\\CAxHost.exe
   %userhome%\AppData\Local\Radvision\Conference Client\\CUCore.exe
   %userhome%\AppData\Local\Radvision\Conference Client\\ConfAgent.exe

   NOTE: Check exact path for your system prior to adding exceptions, as it might change depending on installed software version


If needed, here are the direct download links for the Software:

- Client Installer (MUST)

- Avaya Web Collaboration Client (option)

- Outlook Add-in (option)